Day 1 – Kicked-Off Successfully

Fracking banned in California: LA City Council places moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, 


Kickoff excellence!

1.5 hours of holding a bomb-ass vertical banner at the kickoff rally with strong winds and 2 miles of carrying the same sign, an hour of pushing around a 20-foot box truck half-laden with March gear, 12 miles of semi-miserable marching in rain-drenched flash-flooded L.A. streets, and concluding with unpacking the very same gear truck at our downtown Day 1 campsite… makes me tired.

Alhambra tomorrow!


Day 1 – The Climate March brings the rain

20 miles of Climate Marching in the heaviest rain/tornado-watch event experienced in common reckoning.

Torrential flooding in the streets, mid-shin deep water in places.  Regardless of the waterproofness of your gear… you are soaked within minutes.  No socks are safe.  Dozens of incapable umbrellas were lost.

Two confirmed instances of hypothermia amongst our Marchers today, one of whom I had met earlier in the rally, one of whom is a very resilient friend with a ton of heart.