Day 31 – Aguila Stay Day

Chilly Morning Dishes


I drove Blister Bus today — by choice, but simply because we did not have volunteers to rotate through and provide support roles. A mixed blessing as walking helps my back and spirits and meditative practice, but I was able to learn the second part of Jay Ungar’s “Ashokan Farewell” on the fiddle. Additionally, Marchers have expressed enjoyment of hearing a musical welcome as they approach Break Stops & Lunch Stops.

2014_03_31 - Bob Ethan by JohnA
Bob & Ethan receiving support honks along the highway (John Abbe)


2014_03_31 - Sarah Bob Ethan fiddle by JohnA
Bob & Ethan crossing to a fiddling medical Jimmy with Sarah along the highway toward Aguila

Back is at 90% — I can move theĀ  way I wish to, but still have some lingering soreness. A good night’s rest will do wonders.

Evening programming… Marcher in the Bar

Many thanks to Jim, Dorene, Rodney, and our friends at Coyote Flats Cafe & Bar in eastern Aguila, AZ! We were able to eat multiple meals, camp comfortably, and have a fun community gathering that included dancing, singing, and some rebranding of a few choice jukebox tunes:

The Village People’s YMCA -> GMCA (lowercase ‘g’, as it is exceedingly difficult to create an uppercase ‘G’ while dance-lettering)
Tequila -> Aguila (all that was missing was a pair of platform shoes ala Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure)
Pee Wee Tequila

from Steve Martin’s

One of Lala's Peace Gloves
One of Lala’s Peace Gloves

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