Day 31 – Aguila Stay Day

Chilly Morning Dishes


I drove Blister Bus today — by choice, but simply because we did not have volunteers to rotate through and provide support roles. A mixed blessing as walking helps my back and spirits and meditative practice, but I was able to learn the second part of Jay Ungar’s “Ashokan Farewell” on the fiddle. Additionally, Marchers have expressed enjoyment of hearing a musical welcome as they approach Break Stops & Lunch Stops.

2014_03_31 - Bob Ethan by JohnA
Bob & Ethan receiving support honks along the highway (John Abbe)


2014_03_31 - Sarah Bob Ethan fiddle by JohnA
Bob & Ethan crossing to a fiddling medical Jimmy with Sarah along the highway toward Aguila

Back is at 90% — I can move the  way I wish to, but still have some lingering soreness. A good night’s rest will do wonders.

Evening programming… Marcher in the Bar

Many thanks to Jim, Dorene, Rodney, and our friends at Coyote Flats Cafe & Bar in eastern Aguila, AZ! We were able to eat multiple meals, camp comfortably, and have a fun community gathering that included dancing, singing, and some rebranding of a few choice jukebox tunes:

The Village People’s YMCA -> GMCA (lowercase ‘g’, as it is exceedingly difficult to create an uppercase ‘G’ while dance-lettering)
Tequila -> Aguila (all that was missing was a pair of platform shoes ala Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure)
Pee Wee Tequila

from Steve Martin’s

One of Lala's Peace Gloves
One of Lala’s Peace Gloves

Day 21 – Spirit Walk to the Border


Steps away from the CA-AZ border! Spirit Walker Steve Martin inspires us all as he powers through a +12 mile Marching day with an open-sore blistered foot (with proper medical care/support provided) ‪#‎ClimateMarch

this was my first Marching day where I was able to be by myself for any lengthy time.

I started the day, late reignited by being hunched over affixing corn calluses and iodining feet, walking with John A. and Kelsey (who I have been getting to know gradually, though videography skills are top-notch!)  After catching up with Steve and Kim at the first break at 4 miles, I did some alteration work on the moleskin prosthetic that we had fashioned earlier that morning.  Were it documented, I would either be.awarded a medal or forbidden from practicing any sort of biomedical engineering. 


From here, I proceeded.on quickly and took a 10.minute circle-walking break at our.lunch.stop.  From there, I watered up and twith the.intent of.getting there and then being shuttled back by Kathe to walk the final 4 miles AGAIN with Steve and Kim)  Steve is a one-of-a-kind find in the human being scheme of things.  Even with a bum foot, double-crutched, and sore all over, he will be taking every step from Wilmington to DC.  I will support him in any way I am able.

I perfected my Peace & Wave Smile posture for addressing oncoming and passing traffic.  It reminded me of horseback archery in many ways.  Then again, what doesn’t remind me of horseback archery?


One very pleasant encounter was with a female motorist who did work projects in the Colorado desert.  She turned her truck around on the highway, offered us water, and a ride if needed.  Though we declined the offers we were able to have a discussion with her about the March and how she could connect along the way.