Day -3 – Camp Fire Long Beach

Through Rain or Shine (Hail or Swelter, Thundersnow or Windrash)– We March for the Future Habitability of Our Planet. Marcher Forum & Training in Long Beach begins tomorrow afternoon.

Intense rain events in our forecast over the next 4 days.  Unprecedented relief for a parched city.

The Climate March brings the rain.


Our badass state coordinators, Ki (CA) and Erica (AZ), at our pre-March Forum & Training Camp, Feb 26, 2014 14:00 PST.

Stay off the rope courses and climbing obstacles.  No smoking.  No leaving the gate open.  No music after 10pm!?!?  I nearly quit.


The next morning (Day -2):

The March to Save the World

The Great March for Climate Action
The Great March for Climate Action

This will be a semi-formal, marginally-informatively, overtly-personable, overly-personal, graphically-novel account of the discussions, sights, psytes, sounds, encounters, and actions along the pilgrimatic journey of the Great March for Climate Action.

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Jimmy Betts, Program Director
The Great March for Climate Action
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